Our facilities

Learning resources

Speeches, Practical classes and remedial teaching form a great part of academic programme. Team work and individual work are encouraged in all respects. The school offers intensive and extensive resources to support and make class room teaching more effective.

Science Laboratory:

Science laboratory of the school is well equipped. Learners use the laboratory with the help of the teachers with their full satisfaction. The students perform their practical experiment in the laboratory regularly without any hindrance. Its a big opportunity for the students to use the laboratory whenever they needed.


Computer lab is well equipped with latest information technology. The students get regular classes on computer science and information technology.


There is a library in the school. The library has a good collection of books on almost all discipline. The students are always advised to use the library to enhance their strength of learning and do the project works properly.

Games and Sports:

The school organizes annual sports programme in the last week of January. The students take part in various indoor and outdoor games. They enjoy much in the sports week. The participants are encouraged by giving prizes on the closing day in a ceremonial function.

Cultural Activity:

The school is famous for its cultural activities. The school has a permanent stage for cultural programme. The school has sufficient materials for performing cultural programme. Students participate in a befitting manner in the cultural programme held in the school in various events. Parents and guardians come with their wards to enjoy the cultural programme whenever held in the school.

Medical Facility:

There is a state dispensary adjacent to the school. Students get medical facilities whenever they needed. Besides the medical team from the hospital occasionally come to school for medical help.

Admission & Registration:

Students who have attended other schools may be admitted only on production of transfer certificate. Admission in class VI and class IX are opened. Seats are limited. Students of class IX and Class XI only are allowed to register their names under SEBA & AHEC as & when required.

School Hours:

From 9 a.m to 12 a.m, And 12-30 p.m to 3:00 p.m