Our History

It is learnt from the local dignitaries that a few nos of enlightened and influential persons of village Narsingpur felt the extreme need of a Secondary School at Narsingpur for the ensuing generation of the area concerned. As there was no Secondary School within the vast populated area of Narsingpur till December 1927.The bright students of the area had to continue their studies after passing the Middle School Examination at Govt. Boys H.S. School, Silchar crossing a distance of 20 k.m. Hence they decided to setup a High School in the village to provide perfect education to the coming generation of the area. In this respect a committee was formed with the prominent personalities of the area.They approached to Mrs Ruhini Devi wife of Late Shibram Nath Choudhury a renown land lady of village Salgongarpar for providing adequate land for the proposed school. The kind hearted lady gladly accepted their proposal and provided 5(Five) bighas of land on behalf of her minor son Late Romesh Chandra Nath Choudhury for the sake of the school in December 1927.

Only the land could not fulfill their desire, it required money to build up the school building and other infrastructure.Then a renowned and kind hearted lady of the village Mrs.Swarnamoyee Devi wife of late Lakshmi Charan Nath came forward to with a sum of Rs.1001/-(Rupees One Thousand One) for the school building and other infrastructure.

To honour her sacrifice the committee decided that the name of the school be given after the name of Swarnamayee Devi and her husband Lakshmi Nath as 'Swarna Lakshmi High School'.And one of the member from Late Ruhini Devi be a lifelong doner member in the School Managing Committee. Thus Swarna Lakshmi High School was established in 1st January 1928.Subsequently the play ground was purchased out of school fund considering the need of the school.Now the school is in full possession of 13(thirteen)bighas,15(fifteen)katas and 14(fourteen)chatak of land.

Unfortunately it is not possible to mention the name of the then staff or students due to unavailability of the school records of that time. According to the records available it is learnt that the Heads of the Institution were Mr.Manik Singha (1928....) Shri Taramoni Nath (1939-1973),Md.Ataur Rohman Laskar(1973-1983),Shri Kalpotoru Nath(1983-2002) and Shri Shreekanta Goswami(2002---)

The school was started from class IV since its establishment. Now it is from class VI to XII. The school passed its half century under the supervision and management of the local school managing committee. After 50 years in 1977 the school was provincialized by the Govt. of Assam as Swarna Lakashmi High School and in 1991 it was upgraded as Swarna Lakshmi Higher Secondary School.In 12th November 1991 Dr.Bhumidhar Barman the then Education Minister of Assam inaugurated the Higher Secondary First Year with an enrolment of 64 students in 1st year (Arts) class on his visit to Cachar.

In Brief

  • Swarna Lakshmi High School was established in 1928.
  • Year of 1st permission by D.P.I.(Assam) 1942.
  • Year 1st recognition under Calcutta University 1945.
  • 1st Matriculation Examination held under Calculla University in 1947.
  • Year of adhoc grants 1956.
  • Year of deficits system 01-10-1977.
  • Year of up-gradation as H.S. 1991.

Dedicated Teachers:

The dedicated teachers worked with dedication in the school were: 1.Late Taramoni Nath 2.Late Hironmoy Nath 3.Shri Akshay Kr.Bhattacharjee 4.Late Mihirendra Purkayastha 5.Late Ananta Kr.Nath. 6.Late Jitendra Kr. Paul 7.Late. Darpahari Nath 8.Late.Kedar Ch. Sharma 9.Late Romesh Chandra Nath 10.Late Abdul Bari Choudhury 11.Late Abdul Rohim 12.Shri Achinta Kumar Nath, 13.Shri Parimal Nath Choudhury14.Shri Pran Krishna Nath 15. Shri Tanubabu Singha 16.Shri Rajendra Prashad Pandey. 17.Late Ashutosh Dev 18. Late Abdul Hasib 19. Late Sukhendra Chandra Nath. We are grateful to them for their dedicated service for the wellbeing of the school and the locality.

A few earlier product of the school:

A few earlier product of the school who enlightened their name and fame in life may be mentioned here as: 1.Shri Karuna Sindu Sharma, (Ex-Principal Law College, invited to Africa as professor) 2.Shri Binode Bihari Nath(Founder Principal Janata College,Kabuganj) 3. Shri Desho RanjanNath (Ex-Principa,S.S.College,Hailakandi) 4.Hrishikesh Goswami(Ex-justice Tribunal Court, Karimganj) 5.Shri Rajendralal Nath(Retd. Principal) 6.Shri Susen Ch.Nath (Renowned Doctor) 7. Shri Prabash Ch.Nath(Renowned Doctor) 8. Shri Sushim Chandra Nath (Retd.Chief Engineer) 9.Shri Prabash Chandra Nath(Poet & Researcher) 10.Shri Debobrata Nath(Chief Engineer) 11.Shri Tushar Kanti Nath(Teacher & Folklorist) 12.Dr.Dilip Kumar Nath(Prof. College of Veterinary Science). 13.Late Sadhan Sarma (Doctor). 14.Shri Dibya Jyoti Nath(Docrot,SMCH,Silchar)15. Shri Mrinmoy Kanti Nath(Engineer PHE)16. Shri Mrinmoy Kanti Nath(Engineer PWD)17. Dr.Biplob Nath(Doctor SMCH)18.Dr.Ratan Das M.D.Hope this tradition will remain in vogue.

S.L.H/S School:

The school is a co-educational Bengali Medium Institution. The academic part of the secondary section is under the Board of Secondary Education Assam and the Higher Secondary section is under Assam Higher Secondary Education Council Guwahati.

The school is situated in the village Narsingpur, beside No.54 National High Way from Silchar to Aizawl Road. The sight of the school very beautiful and clearly visible from the road. The communication from other places to the school is well built. The District Headquarter of the school is Silchar and the State Headquarter of the school is Kahilipara, Guwahati, Assam.